International Community

AEAD, Burkina Faso

Church contacts: Lottie Moore

New Life House, Dhangadhi, Nepal

In 2000 Gyanu and Isaac Pradhaan, with their three daughters and adopted son, knocked down their cottage in Dhangadhi and built New Life House orphanage on the site. Just six months later Isaac died but, with prayer, dedication and support from her family - and friends across the world - Gyanu has continued to run New Life House, providing a home to (currently) over 20 children and funding schooling for them and other children whose families cannot support them.

They also founded Mahan Agya Church which holds regular services and runs youth and children’s work, Bible study and worship groups and in 2011 the family opened New Life Clinic. This project has a vision to provide local health training for the surrounding – very poor – villages, at-cost medicines, subsidised treatment and lab tests. The clinic runs health camps which attract several hundred attendees in nearby villages and plans to train local villagers as health workers, who will provide basic support to their neighbours. Mahan Agya Church and New Life Clinic are separately funded.

Church contacts: Betty Pryce, James & Janette Dixon and Richard Shearwood