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The many areas of Barley Hill Church life.


We want everyone to feel welcome at Barley Hill Church. This begins at the door where one of our team will greet you with a friendly smile. We hope that if you are new or visiting then we will recognise this and make a particular point of wanting you to feel at home by showing you into the hall and introducing you to one or two regulars.  In a church the size of Barley Hill it is difficult to know everyone so if you are new and we don't realise it when we greet you at the door then do please introduce yourself to us so that we can welcome you in.  If you would like to join the welcoming team then contact me.

Team Leader:  Sarah Minchin


We have the opportunity of serving drinks to everyone at the end of the service, enabling us to meet and welcome new people, chat with regular members and help everyone to feel welcome and at home at Barley Hill Church.

Team Leader:  Marion Sims

Highest Honour

Barley Hill Church has been meeting in the school hall for the last 21 years and each week we have to set everything out in the hall and dismantle it all at the end of the service.  While this gives great scope for changing things around for special services, it also entails a regular commitment every week.  We have a rota of faithful people who get there early each Sunday morning (9.30am) and stay late afterwards (12.30pm).  They put out the chairs and the Bibles, they set up the staging, tables and anything else that is required and then they put it all away again.  1 Corinthians 12:23 states, “The parts we think are less presentable we treat with the highest honour”.  That’s us!  We work behind the scenes doing very necessary and highly honoured tasks, so why not come and join our team?

Team Leader: Andy Clamp

Technical Team

The technical team provide the support to the weekly ministries at Barley Hill Church.  There are two primary teams:

Computer Team – Providing the words for the songs and PowerPoint for the service, a basic understanding of using a computer is required and the ability to follow the words that are being sung.

Sound Team – This requires a good sense of awareness and a passion to help keep things working.  It isn’t necessary for anyone to have previous ability or experience in managing a sound system – we provide full training to every volunteer.

If you are such a person, or know of someone who is, please take the opportunity to talk to one of the current technical team after a service.

Team Leader: Bridget Trueman


Worship is central to our church life at Barley Hill.  Jesus tells us that true worshippers do so in spirit and in truth (John 4:23) and this is a key goal.  Worship is much more than singing songs on a Sunday.  Worship is an attitude, a lifestyle, something that we are 24x7.  In worship we recognise the 'worth-ship' of God.

Practically, the worship team at Barley Hill Church is involved in providing the sound and vision for our Sunday services.  Worship team members may sing, play instruments or do both.  If you would like to know more about how you can help in the worship team or have any suggestions as to how we can do better, please speak to us a Sunday.

Team Leader:  Victor and Sarah Gaultney

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care team supports the vicar, the small group leaders and members of Barley Hill Church community.  The team provides help for individuals and families in a variety of ways. You can access the team yourself or on behalf of someone else.

Link to dedicated Pastoral Care page

Team Leader: Alison Sharrard

Women's Ministry

The aim is to put on events throughout the year from breakfasts for Christian Women, to events that we can bring our friends to. With the aim to encourage one another to reach out to the people we meet with God's love and to enable women to be secure in their identity, living life as Jesus intended it in all its fullness and at the heart of the community. 

There is a facebook page (Christian Women in Thame) where women in Thame can share ideas and support each other and representatives from the different churches in Thame aim to meet on a regular basis to encourage this.

Every other year a Women’s one day conference is planned, the next one is taking place in October 2017.

We are supported and inspired by a national group Activate Your Life, which one of our members is currently involved with. and facebook.

Team Leader: Sarah Hyde and Katy Willis

Men's Ministry

Men of Barley Hill, known as MOBh, meet the first Thursday of each month at the Cross Key's pub at 8pm.   Each summer they go to the CVM camping weekend The Gathering. There is a programme of regular men's events.

Team Leader: Richard Potts


If you would like to get involved and find out more please contact Barbie our Church Administrator at