Friendly Faces in Barley Hill Church 

Please find below an introduction to some of the people you may see around church.
Rev Rachel Cross
Barbie Potts
Our Vicar - Rachel Cross    PCC Secretary and Our Administrator - Barbie Potts 
Rachel is married to Simon and they have 2 adults sons; Ben and Theo.

Rachel has been Vicar at Barley Hill, Thame and St Catherine’s, Towersey since 2014. Before ordination she was an Intensive Care Nurse for 10 years.
  Barbie is our wonderful administrator and keeps the place ticking over. 

Barbie is married to Richard and they have three adult children.  She is also a producer of very fine minutes and Miss Tring, 1965!
Al French
Church Warden - Al French    Church Warden - Carrie Priestnall
Al is married to Eva and they have 3 young children; Martha, Sebastian and Peggy.

They have been at Barley Hill Church since 2018.

When they chose to come to here, the generous welcome and kindness of the broad family of the church had a lot to do with it.
  Carrie moved to Thame in 2015. She is married to Steve, who is an Officer in the RAF and they have moved a lot with his job. They have lived in 10 houses since they married!

Steve and Carrie have teenage twins; Jake and Amy and Carrie a primary school teacher in Aylesbury.

Our PCC 

Marie Sutton   Richard Shearwood
Marie Sutton    Deanery Synod Rep - Richard Shearwood
Usually seen with at least one child in tow as mum to 3 whirlwinds; Marie joined the PCC 3 years ago and initially looked after safeguarding and now helps with various ministries, including tea and toast. 
  Richard is married to Vanessa and has two children: Ellie and Michael. He is keen on photography and has even sold a photograph to a magazine: it was a picture of a guinea pig. He also "does" social media and IT so feel free to ask about that sort of thing.
Sam Corfe   Barley Hill School
Sam Corfe   Janette Dixon
I'm Sam, I'm going to try and make this not sound like a Dr Suess Poem. 
I have been local to Thame and the surrounding area the majority of my life with the exception of a gap year working for a church in Bromley, London.  I currently now live in Thame and work as a CAD Technician/draftsman for a small engineering company in Haddenham.  I have been attending BHC for about 10 years or so and I'm excited to see how the church is progressing/developing.  :)
  Janette is married to James and they have 2 adult children at university - Luke and Sarah. She has been at BHC for 19 years - although she would still not describe myself as Anglican!
Jeannette is a specialist community public health nurse for children and young people. She is also the Churches safeguarding officer 
Katy Hammond   Phil Salisbury
Katy Hammond   Phil Salisbury
Katy can usually be found out in a museum or trying different foods from around the world with her husband Tom. She is the proud owner of many guinea pigs. 
  Phil joined BHC when he moved from London with his Family in 2016.
He is married to Debs and has three young children. 
Having spent 20 years working in London working within Barristers' Chambers, Phil is now a Project Manager at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.
If he is not being used as a human climbing frame by his children Phil enjoys cycling, golf and a good pint with mates down the pub.
A8BDFDBD-06A1-4E61-ADAB-E7CB13   Pam Laws
Bridget Truman    Pam Laws 
Bridget is married to Robert and they have 2 sons - James and Mark - who are members of their local churches.
Before retiring, Bridget worked in a large comprehensive school. She is now part of the BHC worship band, is on the deanery synod and is the churches Special Educational Needs Officer. 
  Pam and her husband were missionaries in France for 18yrs, before they worked in a missionary training college and later training and practicing as counsellors. Sadly her husband died in 2015. She moved to Thame in 2018 to be closer to her family - for which we at BHC are hugely thankful!
176   Barley Hill School
Finance Team - Tony Pickup   Finance Team - Donna Maddox 
Tony is married to Elaine and they have two teenage sons.  They have been members of Barley Hill Church for more than twenty years.
  Donna is married to Craig. 

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