Mission Partners

Stephen and Cath McGoldrick

Stephen & Cath McGoldrick have been members of Barley Hill Church since 1999.  They are full-time volunteer missionaries with WEC International.  WEC aims to plant churches that are mission-minded, with a passionate concern for the lost and the marginalised.  Stephen & Cath are based in north-east Democratic Republic of Congo, where they partner with local churches to disciple, train and mobilise young people and church leaders for mission.

Peter & Katy Willis represent them at Barley Hill, so please contact them for more information or news about the McGoldricks.

Steve & Johanna Pillinger

Steve and Johanna Pillinger work with  Wycliffe Bible TranslatorsWycliffe is a Christian charity that aims to make the Bible available in every language in the world, so that people can read it in their own language.

Steve and Johanna have been member of Barley Hill since 1997 and in 2011 took up new assignments with Wycliffe in South Africa. Steve and Judith Harper represent them at Barley Hill and pass on news and prayers. To find out more about Steve and Johanna and their work, please visit their website, www.pillingers.net.

Steve and Johanna have recently produced a YouTube video explaining their work and giving recent news about their work. You can view this here.